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Patrick Q. Adams, D.D., Pastor
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Our primary objective is to develop the whole man: spirit; body; and soul.  Since the purpose of the body of Jesus Christ is to do the work of Jesus Christ, Trinity's first objective is to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus commanded His disciples to "go and make disciples of all nations."  The only thing we are to wait for is the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  Subsequently, our primary mission is to take the gospel to the world, not wait for the world to come to the gospel.  However, when the gospel has been received and salvation is achieved, disciples of Christ have also been commissioned to teach new believers how to live sanctified lives, that glorify God and edify His church.

Spiritual change must be manifested in social behavior.  Therefore it is critical that the church provides an environment conducive to born again believers leading productive and prosperous lives.  The primary avenue to productivity and prosperity is education.  Whereas a formal education may be the best scenario, fundamental skills are essential for employment.  For this reason, we plan to develop a skill center to prepare adults for employment, and propel younger students to academic excellence.  Eventually, we intend to provide primary and secondary education for the community, providing scholarships for students who excel academically and are committed to community service.  Furthermore, when an individual is prepared to work, he or she, must be given the opportunity to work.  We intend to network with local businesses and position Trinity as a dependable source of qualified applicants for local employers.

One of the challenges many individuals seeking employment face is daycare for their children, or in some cases, senior family members. Consequently, we plan to supply child and senior daycare, as well as after school care; providing peace of mind for parents, and a safe, spiritually sound environment for their children.

The church must be actively involved in the community to be effective.  Trinity plans to develop facilities that accommodate ministries that directly impact our community.  Our goals include: open kitchens to feed the destitute and the homeless; acquiring facilities to provide shelter; providing venues where the public can be educated about HIV Aids, and other diseases; sponsoring AA and NA meetings; and eventually ownership of media outlets.  Our vision is to make Trinity World Outreach Ministries the spiritual and social center of our community.