Trinity World Outreach Ministries Inc.
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Patrick Q. Adams, D.D., Pastor
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Active Ministries
Outreach: focuses on evangelizing, and addressing the socioeconomic concerns of our community 

Youth: focuses on developing young people twenty and younger into productive saints and citizens

Music: focuses on ministering through music and creating an atmosphere conducive to worship

Helps: focuses on providing assistance to those who have an immediate need

Women: focuses on the spiritual development of women, their unique challenges and specific concerns

Nursery: focuses on providing Christian centered childcare during worship services

Couples: focuses on enriching the relationships of married couples

In-reach: focuses on the spiritual, physical, and socioeconomic wellbeing of the congregation

Missions: focuses on world evangelization, beginning with our community

Education: focuses on spiritual and secular education, emphasizing academic excellence

Hospitality: focuses on maintaining a hospitable environment during worship and other celebrations

Bereavement: focuses on comforting those who have lost loved ones, and addressing their needs

Health and Wellness: focuses on developing physical and mental health with information and activities

Trinity's Emergency Food Pantry provides food for members of the community in need, regardless of religious affiliation.  

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